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Hakle "Matterhorn" by JJ Keith

Who knew the latest in toilet paper innovation could be so exciting?!

JJ Keith's latest film for the Swiss off-shoot of Andrex toilet tissue takes us to the deepest, darkest, weirdest depths of Switzerland for an encounter with a shining star in the world of toilet paper innovation, Dani Oberholzer. The clearly very passionate and not-at-all strange Mr Oberholzer has been tasked with wiping out the competition as the company's new "Director of Communication and Innovation"- yes, that's him we see doing press-ups on the tour of the toilet paper factory.

JJ's film centres on Mr Oberholzer's latest concept to demonstrate Swiss precision, efficiency and brilliance through toilet paper: triangular-shaped packaging, inspired by the the country's majestic Matterhorn mountain. Though beautiful from an aesthetic standpoint, his Toblerone-like design is actually quite useless - the confused factory worker's humorous attempts at packing and shipping the boxes certainly shows this. Quite clearly Mr. Oberholzer needs help - specifically your help, with the campaign asking the public for ideas on how to bring Swiss toilet paper brilliance to the masses online.

JJ's new film is a slice of Euro weirdness, that raises a titter with its subtle humour and well observed comedy.

See more of JJ's work over at the Nice Shirt website

MasterCard "Bellboy" by JJ Keith

A cunning bellboy arrives just in time for our summer holidays

JJ's new one for MasterCard sees an opportunist bellhop take on a weary hotel guest. Tipping is always a sticky point at the best of times with JJ's spot exploiting the cultural, societal and financial minefield for some prime comedy goodness. 

The deft spot gets its point across without any dialogue, with the performance of the hotel's bellhop, front desk and maid(?!) in particular lending the film a glorious silent comedy touch.

Catch more of JJ's fantastic work over on the Nice Shirt website.

#throwbackthursday : Magic FM

From way-back-when, in the wild days of the year 2000 is Jon Hollis' frankly nuts Magic FM job. 

Not just a master director and a visual effects impresario, Jon with this film somehow presaged the today's Internet fascination with cats sliding down multi-coloured rainbows. 

Philips "Father's Day" by JJ Keith

JJ Keith's latest is an ode to fatherhood.

There's the old one that kids always like ask, about how there's a Father's Day and there's a Mother's Day... so when's it Children's Day?? The obvious answer is that it's Children's Day everyday, as this film shows. Two cheeky young scamps run a Dad ragged on just your regular average morning routine, featuring spilt milk, dog shaving and very diva-ish wardrobe demands.

The family's quite vast array of Philips products get put to their full use in a spot that is a cute slice of frantic family life, with a twist at the end that shows a father's day/work is never done.

Excitingly enough, the film is one of the initial offspring from JJ's new German production venture. FoxDevil Films comprises of an immensely talented roster out of Berlin that is sure to take over Germany and beyond soon.

See more of JJ's work on the Nice Shirt website.

Hooch "Hoo's For An OOOCH?"
by James De Frond

James directs the Keith Lemon-starring spot as the infamous 90s alcopop returns.

We see the saucy host of Celebrity Juice venturing to the bar on a glitzy night out with only one drink on his mind - unfortunately it's the one drink poor Keith has the most difficulty pronouncing. Cue lots of laughs as he seeks full-on Lemon refreshment. 

The laugh-out-loud spot is our young director James' commercial debut. James has previous history with the man behind Keith Lemon, bringing his comedy directorial chops to Leigh Francis' previous smash hit comedy sketch show Bo' Selecta. This spot sees the pair reteaming to great effect, bringing us this slice of Hooch hilarity. Ooosh!

See more of James' work by watching his reel over on the website.

Gabriel García Márquez by the Douglas Brothers

Spanish newspaper El Pais selected The Douglas Brothers' portrait of Gabriel Garcia Marquez for the cover of their photo tribute to the celebrated author.

Stuart, along with his brother Andrew, photographed García Márquez on an assignment with Esquire magazine in 1990 in Mexico City. 

Jeep "A Different Drummer"
by Stuart Douglas

Stuart's latest film for Jeep picks up where his previous Cannes Lion-shortlisted film for the 4x4 carmaker left off. 

This new spot for the Chinese market, where the film was shot and recently aired, delivers a message in praise of the spirit of individuality in these fast-paced modern times.

The film was shot on location in the region of Shenzhen with Stuart's masterful photography showcasing the city's fast-growing, dramatic urban landscape with small contrasting vignettes helping to illustrate the film's message of marching to one's own drum. It's an intriguing and gorgeous snapshot of where modern China is today.

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