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We've gone and had some work done. 

We're pleased to announce that our new look and our new website is now LIVE LIVE LIVE! All very exciting. 

Everything Nice and Shirt now lives over at the site, including all the latest news and updates. So make your way on over there for all the fun!

Capital One "Little Legends" by Tareq

Tareq follows a group of Little Legends on a Cup Final day they'll never forget

The 2015 Capital One Cup Final was made all the more special for a merry band of competition winners, who joined the London Youth Choir to become the final's official Little Legends, where they were given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take over Wembley and help put on an amazing show. 

Each Little Legend had an important part to play at the final. Such daunting tasks obviously requires a pre-match pep talk - in this case given by Kaiser Chief's frontman Ricky Wilson. The film shows Ricky's surprise introduction to the Legends at Wembley before the big game.

A few words of wisdom are given by The Voice's most charming judge and then our Legends are off and away: we're fully immersed into their special day with Tareq's gently observational film giving us an exhilarating look at all the different amazing roles the Legends had at of football's biggest occasions - from flag barers to kit hangers, spot-kickers to journalists, all done in front of 90,000 fans.

The film demonstrates Tareq's now well-established documentary filming talent, always perfectly capturing "The Moment" in any environment. Seeing the London Youth Choir give us a stirring rendition of the national anthem is a highlight, with the joy written across the faces of all the Little Legends as they do their dream job particularly heart-warming. We're gently guided through the Little Legends' momentous day with a deft narrative touch that is a real pleasure to watch.

See more of Tareq's work over at the Nice Shirt website.

Sainsbury's "Red Nose Day 2015" for Comic Relief by Liz Murphy

Red Nose Day is upon us again!

The fundraising extravaganza in aid of Comic Relief wouldn't be complete without it's number one VIP - and we're not talking about Lenny Henry (sorry Lenny!). The famous red nose has always been centre to each of the charity campaigns and this year's nose is back to the power of 9: nine specially designed noses are available to buy at Sainsbury's, each with their own individual personality.

The naughty noses are shown 'in the wild' in this latest short spot, lensed by the magnificent Liz Murphy. They giggle with delight as a Mum and her son spot them frolicing in the veg aisle.

It's a fun little spot for a fantastic cause: since 1999, Sainsbury's has raised £94 million for Comic Relief, with the charity using the cash to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the UK and in Africa.

See more of Liz's work over at the Nice Shirt website.

Stuart Douglas and Manchester three-piece Man Made have teamed-up for the video for "Carsick Cars". Man Made features Nile Marr, son of legendary guitar hero Johnny Marr of The Smiths, on guitar and vocals.

The track's fuzzy, jangly guitars and dreamy lyrics are given the perfect visual treatment. Busy urban hangout scenes are layered with carefree, sun-baked So-Cal beach and desert locales, giving us a carefree double-exposure portrait of some kind of hazy lo-fi adventure.

"The video was a fun project I shot whenever I could whilst working on a bunch of other projects" said Stuart. "Nile and the guys wanted a kind of loose, travelogue feel. We shot all over - Hamburg, Cape Town, in London as well as LA and the high California desert. Dave at The Quarry has done a fantastic job cutting together all the abstract material - the trippy patterns kaleidoscoping into one another put you on a visual high"

Toffifee "No Place Like Home"
by Liz Murphy

Liz's latest wants us to spend some quality family time.

Dad and the kids are getting arty and crafty at the kitchen table. Mum is being helped-but-not-really-helped putting new sheets on the bed. The kids are making sure every last bubble is popped on the bubble wrap. Liz's film revels in these simple, cosy family moments we all can relate to, whilst also reminding us to put down our phones and enjoy time spent together as a family, with all its messes, giggles, shouts and fun. Even the dog gets some love. Top the whole thing off with some delicious chocolate treats and you've got the perfect day. 

Our day spent with the Toffifee family is beautifully observational as we get right in amongst their day spent together. We get the prefect family portrait where paint is spilled and pans boil over, all directed with a tone and subtlety we've come to expect from Liz's wonderful work. Plus the family plays balloon football in scuba flippers, so you've really got no reason not to watch. 

See more of Liz's fine work over at the Nice Shirt website:

Petplan "My Job, Your Job"
by Liz Murphy

Pets hard at work, hardly working.

What if pets had jobs? It's a thought that had crossed our minds and both entertained and horrified in equal measure (octopus dentist).

Thankfully, Liz's latest asks the same question and keeps us more than entertained, with lashings of cuteness thrown in on the side. It's our jobs as owners to look after our pets - so what, then, are our pets' jobs? We see lots of critters hard at it in the film, and yes, there are kittens involved.

Liz further demonstrates her unique diversity, getting some amazing performances from our animals, subtly framed by some delightful music and VO. David Reviews awarded it Five Stars and we tend to agree. 

J&B "The Other Brother" by Stuart Douglas

An intriguing tale of sibling rivalry in Stuart's latest, as the legendary scotch proves it's "No Whiskey for Old Men"

Two brothers, though they share the same name, are quite different.

The film is one brother's sprawling account as to why one is not like the other. The success, achievements and glory came easily to one sibling, whilst the path our brother - "the other" - has followed is a route much more challenging but no less rewarding.

Two brothers but very different spirits. 

It's a rip-roaring tale handsomely directed by Stuart and features a emotive voiceover from Sherlock's Moriarty, Andrew Scott. 

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