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Toffifee "No Place Like Home"
by Liz Murphy

Liz's latest wants us to spend some quality family time.

Dad and the kids are getting arty and crafty at the kitchen table. Mum is being helped-but-not-really-helped putting new sheets on the bed. The kids are making sure every last bubble is popped on the bubble wrap. Liz's film revels in these simple, cosy family moments we all can relate to, whilst also reminding us to put down our phones and enjoy time spent together as a family, with all its messes, giggles, shouts and fun. Even the dog gets some love. Top the whole thing off with some delicious chocolate treats and you've got the perfect day. 

Our day spent with the Toffifee family is beautifully observational as we get right in amongst their day spent together. We get the prefect family portrait where paint is spilled and pans boil over, all directed with a tone and subtlety we've come to expect from Liz's wonderful work. Plus the family plays balloon football in scuba flippers, so you've really got no reason not to watch. 

See more of Liz's fine work over at the Nice Shirt website:

Petplan "My Job, Your Job"
by Liz Murphy

Pets hard at work, hardly working.

What if pets had jobs? It's a thought that had crossed our minds and both entertained and horrified in equal measure (octopus dentist).

Thankfully, Liz's latest asks the same question and keeps us more than entertained, with lashings of cuteness thrown in on the side. It's our jobs as owners to look after our pets - so what, then, are our pets' jobs? We see lots of critters hard at it in the film, and yes, there are kittens involved.

Liz further demonstrates her unique diversity, getting some amazing performances from our animals, subtly framed by some delightful music and VO. David Reviews awarded it Five Stars and we tend to agree. 

J&B "The Other Brother" by Stuart Douglas

An intriguing tale of sibling rivalry in Stuart's latest, as the legendary scotch proves it's "No Whiskey for Old Men"

Two brothers, though they share the same name, are quite different.

The film is one brother's sprawling account as to why one is not like the other. The success, achievements and glory came easily to one sibling, whilst the path our brother - "the other" - has followed is a route much more challenging but no less rewarding.

Two brothers but very different spirits. 

It's a rip-roaring tale handsomely directed by Stuart and features a emotive voiceover from Sherlock's Moriarty, Andrew Scott. 

It's our birthday! And we reward ourselves with a small present: a new director signing! 

2004 saw the birth of 'The Facebook', a company that has gone on to do okay for itself. But it also saw the birth of the mighty Nice Shirt Films, and like any ten year-old, we’re keen to tell everyone how proud we are to have made it to double figures. To celebrate we have put together a little clip of a few choice highlights (no grannies were incinerated in the production of the film).

As a little gift for ourselves, we have signed a brand new fresh talent to our small but perfectly-formed roster: Kai Schonrath. An immensely skilled film-maker, Kai's graduating spec film, the hilarious "Flowers", announced his arrival being shortlisted for the Young Director Award.


 Subsequent films have clearly demonstrated the super talented young man's skills. A HIS Jeans spot starring semi-naked former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Vitali Klitschko and his frankly bonkers Pocket Symphonies film that saw the physical rebirth of classic music in human form were well received internationally.

HIS Jeans "No Belt Required"

 Sven Helbig "Pocket Symphonies"

Kai's approach of telling unique stories in highly personal ways is one we are all very excited about. Repped by Czar in Germany, he is with Nice Shirt in the UK and is a talent to watch out for. His work is now live at the Nice Shirt website

Blue Lagoon
"Beauty Comes From Within"
by Borkur

A magic and mesmerising spot shows us the beauty of science in spectacular detail for the Icelandic skincare brand

In case you didn't know, the Blue Lagoon is the world-famous volcanic spa situated in deepest Iceland and is the country's most popular attraction. It's geothermal pools lets you soak in waters warmed and enriched by the earth's core. Their eponymous skincare collection extends the benefits of the naturally-heated spa to the home, with a range of products the merging of science and beauty. Borkur's stunning film directed in partnership with Daniel Atlason and created by Dodlur, runs to a similar theme, showing the close-up, geological side of the spa's skincare collection.

The body of the spot is science in action: magma bubbles and oozes, lava explodes and cracks into dust, while water steams, bubbles and fizzes, all shot in spectacular close-up, giving us almost magical, otherworldly imagery accompanied by a haunting soundtrack. 

The climax of the film follows our female bather from the spa to home, via Blue Lagoon's laboratory where we glimpse at work done for the range's production.

Borkur enhances his varied repertoire with a film that demonstrates his abilities as an increasingly versatile director.

See more of his work over on the Nice Shirt website.

Front Page News

There's a familiar image on the front page of this week's Campaign magazine... Why, it's from Liz's National Trust spot! Catch the cover star here:

Answers on a postcard as to what time in the spot the still comes from. 

Tareq / Jaeger / Campaign

Tareq's rather brilliant and very stylish launch films for the British fashion label's Autumn/Winter collection featured heavily in the latest edition of Campaign magazine, going under review in the fearsome "Private View" regular feature - eek! We needn't have worried however as Tareq's films went down as a huge success - especially with head style honcho herself, Mary Portas.

Some fantastic reading, there. Thanks Mary!

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